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Cottage Gardens

Perry, OH – Wholesale Grower

The Cottage Gardens, Inc. is a wholesale grower of shrubs, trees, and roses serving the Midwest. Situated near the shores of Lake Erie, the moderate climate and sandy soils make it the ideal growing environment. Housing more than 6 million container grown plants per year, Cottage Gardens is one of the largest container nurseries in the Midwest. Since 1923, we have staked our reputation on providing consistent, healthy plants and unmatched customer service to ensure the success of our customers.

4992 Middle Ridge Road
Perry, OH 44081

P: 877.377.5877
P: 440.259.2900
F: 440.259.3154

Cottage Gardens Perry, OH location totals 600 acres.

Trees, shrubs, and roses are 100% container grown and include classic favorites as well as today’s most popular national brands.

90% of our plants are propagated on site – all from cuttings.

Canning machines run from April through October and shift over two million plants.

11 ponds pump two million gallons of water per day on an automated system.

In the spring, as many as 75 semi-trucks per week are shipped out and an average of 8-10 semi-trucks per week in the summer.

Cottage Gardens has 1600 polyhouses that are 15′ wide x 200′ long. All houses are covered in a 2-3 week period at the end of October. An average of 150 houses are covered per day.