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Our Capabilities

Products Rooted in Quality

Cottage Gardens uses an advanced growing process based on pure, unadulterated soil mix. Then we steadily nourish our plants with the best controlled-release fertilizers. Our plants also have plenty of space to grow, and we prune them regularly to ensure consistent size and shape.

Varieties From The Greatest To The Latest

Cottage Gardens produces more than 500 plant varieties. From classic favorites in the shrub, tree, and rose categories to today’s most popular national brands, we’ve got you covered.

Technological Advantages

We’ll help you maximize efficiency and accuracy when you deal with us. Our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities speed the ordering and accounting process by linking your computers directly with ours. Product requests, purchase orders, shipping instructions, can be transferred and processed instantly. The extensions of our technology include on-demand replenishment programs to keep your stock fresh while reducing inventory and labor expenses. Online fulfillment services allow you to maintain an online presence without the burden of carrying excess inventory.

E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce)

At Cottage Gardens we are equipped to help you establish a wider market presence through eCommerce. We manage and maintain product offerings on your website. Consumers can shop your store 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Online orders, fulfilled daily, are shipped direct using common carriers.

Delivery Services

Cottage Gardens has earned a reputation for prompt, correct deliveries. 2 day lead time, 24-hour delivery, and appointment scheduling are just a few benefits we offer.