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The Cottage Gardens container growing facility is located in Perry, Ohio, 30 miles east of Cleveland. Our nursery consists of 600 acres and over 1600 polyhouses. We continue to expand and provide you with over 220 varieties of hardy plants, northern grown Azaleas, Rhododendrons and container grown Taxus, to name a few. We welcome tours of the nursery year-round. Call Customer Service at 877-377-5877 for an appointment.  

A Better Process Means Better Plants

We grow strong, long-lasting plants that not only look great, but also generate dependable revenue to help grow your business. This is due to our sophisticated manufacturing process, which reflects our understanding that what goes into a plant is just as important as how it is treated as it grows.
That's why we grow our plants in a pure, unadulterated soil mix and then nourish them with the best controlled-release fertilizers for optimal nutrition. We also give our plants plenty of space to grow and prune them throughout the year to ensure consistent size and shape  

The Best Services In The Business

At The Cottage Gardens, we created our services with one thing in mind - making your job easier. From our low minimums and flexible ordering process to our exclusive on-time guarantee, The Cottage Gardens demonstrates that we truly understand your business. Best of all, our delivery, freight, tagging and other services are backed by our knowledgeable and dedicated customer service team. We partner with you to meet all of your nursery needs.  

The Right Varieties For You

The Cottage Gardens grows more than 220 plant varieties within seven categories. This includes popular mainstays such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas as well as newer plant varieties.  

A Legacy Of Trust

At The Cottage Gardens, we pride ourselves on meeting your needs by providing you with the best in quality and customer service. Since 1923, we have staked our reputation on it.  

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"You know what you are going to get size-wise. For example, a 2 gallon potentilla or spiraea along with euonymus and yews- pretty much across the board- it's going to be a nice full plant."

Mark Begick, Begick Nursery

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