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Welcome To The Cottage Gardens Inc.

The Cottage Gardens Inc. is a large, full-service, wholesale grower of superior quality plant material. With offices in Perry, Ohio and Lansing, Michigan, our operations produce more than 220 plant varieties and span 750 acres - making us one of the largest wholesale nurseries in the upper Midwest. Since 1923, we have staked our reputation on providing consistent, healthy plants and unmatched customer service to ensure the success of our customers.

"We were introduced to the Cottage Gardens 100%-container grown taxus several years ago. We have introduced this product to our customers cautiously, while evaluating their livability and ability to maintain a high degree of "shelf-life" in our holding yards. Our confidence in these taxus increases with each year. Surprisingly, we find our landscape department would rather use the larger container taxus than B&B, enjoy the benefit of ease of handling: this was an unexpected finding. We certainly feel that this has been a nice addition to our quality product line."

Brian Aaron, Green View Companies

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